Canadian Redfish is harvested year-round from the pure environment of Canadian deep waters, guaranteeing a high-quality product. Our strong commitment to sustainability and responsible harvesting makes us the supplier of choice.


Trawlers harvest this delicious Canadian Redfish from depths of 300-500 meters, which are then either processed and frozen at sea, or delivered to shore-based facilities for processing. Freezer trawlers harvest and produce size-graded whole as well as head-off and gutted products.

Freezing at sea using horizontal or vertical plate freezers ensures freshness.


Wet-fish trawlers harvest and deliver whole fresh Canadian Redfish for processing into fillet packs in shore-based processing facilities. Size graded fillets, either skin-on or skin- off (boned) are produced according to customer specifications, and delivered to markets as fresh or frozen product as either Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) or shatter packs, in various size packages.