Consumers make daily decisions about the food they put on their plates and should have the confidence that their seafood has been harvested with sustainability in mind.

Canadian Redfish harvesters and processors are committed to sustainable practices to ensure the long-term health of the species for future generations. That’s why we invest in new technologies, participate in marine data collection for scientific research, and practice responsible fisheries management.

To ensure our sustainability practices meet the most stringent sustainability standards, we support Marine Stewardship Council assessments and Fishery Improvement Projects.

As The Top

Also known as ocean perch, nature has provided successive, record spawning years of Canadian Redfish (Canadian Redfish birth live fish rather than eggs) that are about to recruit to Canada’s fisheries in management units 1 and 2. Over 3 million tonnes of exploitable Canadian Redfish biomass (and growing) will provide secure supply of this long-lived species (40-75 years) for decades to come.